Enjoy our CSL Crossroads Lending Library, located across from the Open Hall where we hold our Saturday and Tuesday celebrations, it’s a precious jewel.

You’ll find some of the best metaphysical, New Thought/Ancient Wisdom, and “self-help” books… available for loan. There are over 200 book titles, ranging from the latest bestsellers to spiritual classics, biographies and reference works. You’ll also discover a few guided meditation and recorded books.

When you check an item out, returning it in the time allotted allows it be available for others.

Visit the Lending Library before or after CSLC Tuesday events and following all Saturday celebrations.


While in the Lending Library, you may want to browse through the Rev. Sallye Taylor book collection.

The Rev. Sallye Taylor book collection is for reference use only within CSL Crossroads and these books are not available for check out.

All books in this collection are primarily New Thought books from Rev. Sallye’s personal collection. Rev. Sallye and Rev. Jarie have been friends for many years. These books were gifted to Rev. Jarie when Rev. Sallye made her transition in 2015.