I rely on the Truth of my Being to guide the way I show up in the world!

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles point the way for every aspect of our expression personally, within our spiritual community and beyond. They are:


  • Oneness ~ Doorway to Infinite Power & Wisdom
  • Love ~ Healing energy when truly lived
  • Freedom ~ Courage to move through fear
  • Openness ~ Allowing Good to flow
  • Generosity ~ Knowing life is a process of giving
  • Wholeness ~ Spirit works through us
  • Grateful Living ~ Appreciating the many blessings present in our lives


We Are

One word reflects the essence of those that call Center for Spiritual Living Crossroads home…



The origin of the word COURAGE is Latin cor, Old French corage, and eventually Middle English distinguishing the heart as the center of feelings.

All involved with CSLC are encouraged to wholeheartedly:

  • Be available to Divine Inspiration
  • Follow the guidance of Infinite Wisdom
  • Rely on the magnificence of Spirit to face change, make decisions, and allow their highest good.

Inner resilience to move in the direction of divinely guided dreams… with optimism and joy… is always supported. So navigated by courage, life may be viewed as a marvelous journey.

Rev. Jarie Newsome
Founder & Spiritual Leader

Rev. Jarie is the compassionate, engaging, and committed Spiritual Leader of Center for Spiritual Living Crossroads, which flourishes since June 2012 through the power of giving and receiving love.

Her path to ministry formally began in 2003. She received her license in 2005 as a Religious Science minister and was ordained in 2008. Rev. Jarie successfully served as the first Assistant Minister of CSL Kansas City from 2005 – 2012. Her MSW degree from Rutgers University in Organization Administration is an asset in ministry.

Prior to ministry, she enjoyed 12+ successful years with Sprint Corporation in leadership training development and delivery, employee development, and organizational development consulting.

As an inspired facilitator and spiritual coach, Rev. Jarie is a motivating teacher of the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit. Her personal experience with the power of Divine Love and Law is undeniable. She believes in the best within everyone and inspires all to take flight and soar.


Leadership Council

Faithfully, the business of CSL Crossroads is handled with wise, loving care by:

  • Rene DeCrumpe
  • Rev. Jarie
  • Sharon Divine
  • Risala Allen


CSLC Leadership Council

Gary Nall

Our community is forever inspired by the memory, energy, and open heart of our beloved Gary Nall. As an original CSLC member, he willingly served on the Leadership Council, and fed this community in every way. Gary made his transition on December 9, 2015. We still feel his presence and see the light in his eyes!.

Our Music Ministry

All of our musicians are dedicated, involved, and perform from the heart with the intention of touching everyone within earshot.

Every week is unique with varying formats and styles resulting in fresh, fun, professionally produced yet relaxed and inviting presentations.

The versatility of what is done musically ranges from a full band to “unplugged” presentations with amazing focus and power.

Our Music Ministry

Center for Spiritual Living Crossroads History

In March 2012, Rev. Jarie felt an urge to leave the very fine and wonderful Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City. The urge was so strong that she would not deny it. So, though she wasn’t sure what she’d do next, she knew that her work at CSLKC was complete.

By June 2012, an even stronger urge arrived to create and nurture, from idea to form, a new CSL spiritual community.

This urge actually came as a question. Are you willing to co-create and lead the second Center for Spiritual Living in the greater Kansas City area? Gently demanding an answer, this question didn’t go away.

So, standing in the mystery of this question while listening with an open heart, though both frightened yet intrigued, the spiritual practice of visioning paved the way to step forward… resulting in…

CSL Crossroads.